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24 week online training program.

After four weeks, I’ve lost about 13 pounds and I feel great. The diet plan truly fits your preference and the meals are easy to make as the food portions are specified in each meal. The workouts can be intense at times but overall I look and feel good after my first four weeks. Cant wait to see how I look after twenty four weeks.

90 day transformation

I’ve only made it to my week 3 out of 12. I’m trying the bulking and as of now, my brother has done wonders and love the workouts and diet plan he provided. I’m looking forward to go long way with him until I represent and do stage shows. Gererdo G nation all the way!

12 week shred

This program has really pushed me to achieve results I’ve been looking to get for years. Also nutrition was a challenge but this program lays it all out and it’s easy to follow. Best program I’ve ever tried

Best coach ever

Great plan starting seeing results from week 1

Best coach

Seeing changes from day 1 good workout plan as well as nutrition

Best coach ever

Best coach ever started seeing results from day 1

Amazing program!

I just wanna say that if you planning on joining his program don't think too much and just cut off the bs and join asap! Get closer to your goals with this gerardo's help. I'm on week of 4 and I am in the best condition of my life. Can't wait for coming weeks ! David J. Mejia

You gotta put in the work !

The best

The best He always on time answer me on my question at any time sometime I am surprise because he’s on point I’m telling you guys he’s the best trainer

The best program did I ever enjoy

The program is wonderful you never get bored it’s always hard But good and a good way I would like to see so much more but the best thing is this you shoe try the program So you know what I’m talking about

For me the best coach

The best coach did I ever training Super professional super friendly guy very understandable very humble what can I say the best

Life changing experience

I am very happy with Gerardos Plan. He is always there to help and every time I need to know something, he is helping almost instantly. From the first day on, my days got so much more productive and structured. It is really nice to have workout and meal plan specifically made for you but at the same time it is all about you and your will to change your physique and that is what Gerardo really makes clear to you as often as he can, so with this plan not only my physique is changing the way I want it to from week to week but my discipline is getting better in all kinds of situations.
I think this online training program is a really good opportunity for many people not only to change their physique but to change their life in generell. I would recommend it to everyone💪🏽

Perfect workouts

Solid workout, easy to follow, ill let the results speak for themself

Keep killing it brother

Gerardo the best coach

Since I started my plan with Gerardo he was attentive and whenever I have a question, he is there to help me with the diet and with the training, the truth is I am enjoying the program, Gerardo is the best!!!

The best coach

Gerardo is the best coach, always attentive, he knows how to make you enjoy this “lifestyle” process, he is great

When u look good, you feel good

Great workout plan, very effecient, getting shreded every week, highly recommended,

Stay focused! Can't wait to see you on stage!

Shredded plan

It’s 21 days I lost 10 pounds. Of course I fallow everything mentioned. Thank you Gabriel i cannot imagine my self after 90 days .

Best coach!!!

He is a great coach who is always attentive, he also cares about you, greetings from Bolivia

Best Couch and Best plan to get in shape

Got 24 week plan and still on it ,Just put few weeks in and already seeing great progress in health and body. And Coach is always there and available for any questions or help and he’s got great personality and treat you as fried and teach you all the way through. If anyone reading this review and thinking about getting 12 or 24 week plan, just get it. It’ll be worth it. Now Stop thinking and start working after getting plan. And THANKS COUCH FOR ALL THE HELP.

Outstanding experience

I definitely recommend Gabriel for the REAL way to success. He helped me reach my goals in such a short period of time!!!!
He is an extremely devoted trainer/coach , ready to make anyone’s fitness journey possible.

The vigilant coach

I found that training with Gerardo, has been very pleasant. Very dedicated and vigilant throughout the process, simple and easy to follow workout routines plus the meals, which have probably been the easiest to follow ever. I have always been training at the gym, but I noticed that results were lacking and thanks to his coaching I have been able to start reaching my goals.

So proud of you bro! Keep making progress!

Said Gomez

My experience has been really good. Not only have I seen results but he is very attentive and does great with one on one communication. Everything is personalized to fit you and give you the results you need and want. I highly recommend this program.

One of my hardest working clients!!! Let's keep the ball rolling! Here for you if you need anything!

Eye opening progam

This program definitely opened my eyes to the very importance of a good healthy diet. Gerardo really take the time to focus on your goals and meal plan to get you where you need to be. I definitely rate this program 5 stars

Gives it the personal touch

Really makes this a personalized experience. You talk about goals and what challenges you might face. Just shows that Gerardo is really there listening and wants to help you achieve your goals


The program is very detailed. A beginner could easily follow along with this .

It’s all on you

“It’s all on you” is one of the quote that Gerardo mentioned. I stuck with that because of the meaning. He won’t train for you, eat for you, or even get you out of bed. ITS ALL ON YOU. You have to get up everyday, eat right & train. Gerardo is a coach with quick responses. That is by far one of my favorite characteristics about him. If you have questions, he is there for you! For the fame that Gerardo has In the fitness industry, it is shocking that he is able to reply, even before I hired him as my coach, he would reply! He is genuinely a GREAT coach & person in general. HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who is wanting to get in shape