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  • 1.)  In Depth 12 Week Strategic Workout & Exercise Program Customized For You.
  • 2.) Truly Customized 12 Week Meal Plan Created With Your Nutritional Preference.
  • 3.) 12 Week Hardcore Abs Program, Cardio Program & Supplement Guide.
  • 4.) 30 Minute LIVE 1-ON-1 Video Call Via Facetime or Zoom.
  • 5.) 12 Weeks Of Instant Full Text Support
  • 6.)  Instructional Workout Video Tutorials
  • 7.) 24/7 Support Via Email
  • 8.) Access Program On Any Smart Device.
  • 9.) Weekly Check-ins!
  • 10.) 100% Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back!


1.) Shred

This Goal Is Focused On Lowering Body Fat & Weight, While Aiming To Grow Natural Lean Muscle At The Same Time. This Goal Is Best For People Who Want To Lose Weight & Build Muscle To Reach Their Goals. This Is The Most Popular Option!

2.)Lean Bulk / Bulk

This Goal Is Focused On Gaining Weight As Quickly As Possible. The Difference Between This Goal & Muscle Growth Is That With Bulking We Also Try To Increase Body Fat Slightly. This Ensures That Your Overall Weight Goes Up Quickly. If You Are Looking To Get Big – This Is Your Goal!

3.)Other / Specify

This Goal is Focused for ANY goal you have that you may not see above. I can create a program tailored for your goals. Wether you need a conditioning program, strength program, boxing endurance program, what ever it is I can make it. You will be able to specify your goals when you fill out the questionnaire!