None of Us Are immune To Depression. So Let’s Talk About It…


Let’s get into something a little more serious today. A little more sensitive, but a topic that I am very personally familiar with. I want to go over Depression and some of the best workouts to help depression. This is a subject that gets stigmatized frequently. However that won’t stop me from talking about it.

The ironic thing about all this, is that no one is immune to depression. We’ve all seen some of the poorest people depressed. We’ve also seen insanely rich people depressed. Why? because we are all human. We have emotions and we have struggles. I share my personal struggles on my youtube video ” THIS IS EMBARRASSING”

Depression is like fighting an invisible enemy & worst of all that enemy is within you. So how do you start to battle back against that enemy? One of the best things I did was begin my workout journey. Working out is scientifically proven to help reduce stress and lower anxiety. So since we have something concrete to help us, let’s go workout!


Depression is hard. What is worse than Depression? Not doing anything about it and let it run your life. Eventually it will ruin your life if you stay in the rut long enough. I’ve been in that situation borderline. So what can we do to take the first step towards improvement. We can work on working out.

1.) Working Out Helps You Look Better

Well this one is pretty obvious. The whole point of working out is to look and perform better. Why is this important and how does it help depression? The big point here is that when you start looking better, you start feeling better. Working out will increase your confidence while improving your physical appearance. When you invest in yourself and see improvements – that is a great way to battle depression.

2.) Working Out Makes You Feel Positive

Another great reason working out is important is that it really helps strengthen your brain. When you workout your body releases a chemical called endorphins. Endorphins interact with your brain which reduces pain perception. Endorphins also are comparable to morphine, which trigger a positive feeling. That is why after a great workout, you feel really accomplished.


So what are the best workouts for depression? Let’s Make sure you understand the difference between workout and exercise first. When I say workout that is referring to a type of physical activity. When I say exercise, I am referring a specific exercise (ex. Barbell Chest Press). Today I am going to cover the best workouts to depression.


The most beneficial workout to me for fighting depression has been weight lifting. I shared about the real reason I started working out – and one of those reasons was to avoid falling into a depression. The reason why I love weight lifting is that it gave me the most visible physical results & also noticable strength gains. It was easy to stay motivated and continue to chase my goal.

Weight lifting also helps you learn discipline, consistency & how to put yourself through pain to become better. That will hit home for some people if you understand the concept. In order for us to become better – we must go through struggles and pain. Weight lifting makes that super clear and easy to understand, and we can apply it to other aspects of our life.

2.) Morning Jogs & Walks

Another great thing I started doing was morning walks & jogs. Prior to my walk I would meditate for about 15 minutes. This help me make sure my mind was thinking positive. It is a lot easier for your mind to think negative, than it is for it to think positive.

Walking early in the morning really helps in feeling better because you feel ahead of the day. You are taking charge by doing what you said you would right from the start. Also the physical activity from the tip of the day really helps release those endorphins to help you feel positive. I definitely suggest this as one of the better workouts for depression.

3.) Boxing / MMA / Fighting / Sparring

Want to really release some stress? Have you ever tried a boxing training session? How about an MMA training session? These are super intense and are sure to get those endorphins going. Also what is better than knowing you can kick anyones butt if they mess with you? That’s some good confidence to have.

With a combination of running, shadow boxing, punching bag , jump rope, speed bag, you are sure to stay busy and in shape. The cool thing is that nowadays many gyms are opening with this style of training already implemented. There are UFC gyms, boxing gyms and all types out there that you can use to help. I am not saying you need to become a pro and fight, or maybe you don’t ever have to fight, but the training style and methods for this are sure to help your depression.

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You Can Beat Depression

You can beat anything in your life. Any obstacle, you’re past, your anxiety. Don’t ever feel like it is stronger than you (Even though it feels like that often). Just like when you are trying to do something, or achieve a goal you must look at beating depression as a goal.

Once you break it down – you can start to figure out ways to beat it. When I did this – the first thing I did was put working out at the top of my list. Meditation was another one. The last step I took was getting help from a psychologist and psychiatrist. However none of the other steps would work as efficiently if I did not start working out.

The gym has been there for me on my best days & my worst. The weight will always be the same and challenge me no matter how I feel. It is my place of comfort and my place to become better. Working out helps fight depression and helps you become stronger.

Don’t Forget You Are What You Eat

Nutrition is an important aspect of your health. Maybe so even more important than working out. Your body is a machine. An optimal racing machine. You need to give it the proper nutrients to make sure you are running at 100% Many of the diets out there today really don’t help us feel better. In turn they actually make us feel worse. So if you need some help and clarification on diet please check out my Two Articles Below:

When You Feel Like You Can’t _ Remember – YOU ARE A WARRIOR.

You Are Not Alone In This Battle, We All Face Depression.

Here are some references to help you if you feel stuck – what ever you do, don’t quit! Also reach out to local psychologist around you. There are many programs to help you free of charge:

PsychCentral Free Phone Hotline

Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hotline – Free

“Sometimes, life will kick you around, but sooner or later, you realize you’re not just a survivor. You’re a warrior, and you’re stronger than anything life throws your way.”

Brooke Davis



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