What Are The Best Exercises For Six Pack ABS In 2020?

the best exercises for six pack abs in 2020

I Hope you are staying healthy out there with this COVID-19! I am looking forward to each day as we get a day closer to HOPEFULLY gyms opening again! Today we are going over the best exercises for six pack abs in 2020 that hopefully you can do soon!

Core Strength Is Crucial

You must remember when developing your core – the stronger the muscle supporting the core, the better your results. You will be able to do more reps, weights & exercise variations. I like breaking my core into two sections:

  1. Abdominals Core
  2. Lower back Core

In order to maximize the core, we must target them with exercises that will activate the specific body part that we want.

One Last Thing… Simplicity Is Key

Let’s not get caught up in all the fancy and pretty ways to do abs. One mistake so many of us have made in today’s information era – is we have complicated things way too much. Today I am here to simplify this for you to get you to your goals as fast & quick as possible!

The Best Six Pack Workouts In 2020 With Gerardo Gabriel

3 Best Exercises For Six Pack ABS in 2020

You have reached the good stuff! Now let’s go over what I think is the best six pack exercises in 2020. I have narrowed my list down to three + my favorite lower back core workout!

1.) Hanging Leg Raises

This is my favorite exercise for abs workout PERIOD! The simplicity and effectiveness of it is what attracts me to it. You can do it almost anywhere that you can hang. If you aren’t strong enough to hold yourself, machines now have assisted weights to help you stay up.

The focus key range for this should be 3-6 sets & usually 12-20 reps. You must control your body from swinging and swaying around to really put the focus on your ABS!

Gerardo Gabriel The Best Six Pack Workouts In 2020

2.) Kneeling Rope Grip Cable Crunches

This one is fantastic due to it’s ability to keep heavy strain of your ab walls, while being able to put more weight than your body weight. You can easily adjust the weight preference for your needs, which allows this exercise to be ideal for beginners or pro’s. The easiest grip to use a Rope Grip – but you can also use any grip of your choice!

3.)Decline Bench AB Crunches

The key set & rep range for this would be around 3-4 sets & 12-15 reps. You want to make sure you are pulling with your core and keeping your hands steady. For an extra burn keep the tension at the bottom.

The holy grail of ABS, Crunches! No one likes them, but they are a staple in any routine. Another easy and accessible AB workout you can do almost anywhere. The great part about the decline bench is the ability to add weight resistance to your body by the angle of the bench without using any weights. This makes the movement more challenging and allows for better range of motion.

The rep range and sets should be set around 3-5 sets at 15-20 reps. This will have your ABS burning. Want to add more of a challenge? Use weights!!

Gerardo Gabriel Blog The Best Six Pack Exercises In 2020


My favorite core strengthening for my lower back is hyper-extensions. I love this because you can use your body weight and get a real burn! Your lower back will have a pump like never!

Try to focus on the lower back when you do the range of motion and not your hamstrings. A great way to add a challenge to this workout is to do a set of planks 30-60 seconds after each hyper extensions set.

The Best Six Pack Exercises For ABS in 2020


Do you really need complicated exercises to activate your core? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT! There are more that you can do than the 3 provided above. I have only given you my favorites.

Want to see my other AB Workouts? Check My Youtube Video Here!

Beyond the gym, ABS are created in the kitchen. Your diet is crucial to how visible your abs are. The lower the BF, the more you can see your abs. So make sure you have that diet on point – use these workouts and watch your ABS IMPROVE!

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