So You Want To Lose Weight Fast?

What’s going on guys! Welcome to another amazing Blog/Article written by yours truly! Today we are discussing a HOT topic. Especially with the “hot weather” approaching. Today we will be going over how to lose weight, burn fat, or get shredded… FAST!

No matter your goal, this advice I will share with you will work! You must know what you are doing, you must stay committed & you must work hard. If you can do those things, then I can assure you – that you will Burn Fat Fast!

How To Lose Weight – The Three Keys To Success

When we are looking to slim down, we have many factors to take into consideration. I don’t like to overwhelm myself or others that I am helping so I like to break it down and make it simple.

When it comes to me, burning Fat, Losing Weight, Or Shredding heavily relies on the three following keys:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Physical Exercise
  3. Hydration

If you can adhere to those 3 keys & do everything right, you will see the pounds drop right off! Like I mentioned earlier, you must know what you are doing in order for it work. That is why I have clients who get my program. They might not know how to properly take the steps to ensure that they get the fastest results possible. That’s where I come in and create a plan of action.

1.) Nutrition

The most important of the 3 keys is nutrition. Why nutrition? Because nutrition is the key to our living. It is our fuel. In fact Nutrition is so important – that if you NEVER workout, but still maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, then you will LOOK like you are in shape!

So how do you manipulate your nutrition to burn fat fast?

The best method to do this is Carb Cycling or Keto methods of diet. The reason for this is because we manipulate carbs in a way to deplete them while feeding the body in a way to ensure we are still getting the nutrients and energy we need.

I have never done KETO, but I am a master at Carb cycling. If you want to learn more about Carb cycling – read my article here!

If you are restricting your carbohydrates & manipulating them correctly, your body will start to use the stored fat for energy. This process is very effective at burning fat fast or when you are trying to get shredded. So if you are looking to burn fat fast or lose weight fast, look into Keto or Carb Cycling Diet approaches. Do your research and choose the one that will fit your lifestyle better.

2.) Physical Exercise

After Nutrition, exercising is the second most important key to burning fat fast. Why? Well because working out helps burn calorie and use energy. The energy you use has to be fueled from somewhere. You know where that is? From your stored glycogen or stored fat stores.

It is important to remember if you are consuming 4,000 calories a day, but not working out and not being continually active you are burning very little of the 4,000 calories you are consuming. Let’s even say you burn 2,000 calories. Even then your still only burning half. Being at that surplus will cause you to gain weight.

The goal is to feed the muscle and body the exact amount it needs, while being slightly in a negative. For example, you are consuming 2,100 calories a day, but burning 2,500. You are negative -400. With this calorie shortage and as well as manipulating carbs, that is what speeds up the process.

Physical activity helps build muscle. This helps shed off the fat, as muscle weight more than fat & requires more nutrients to maintain it. So your body will use the Fat Stores in order to ensure you have the energy to survive and the energy to feed your muscles.

So when you combine Keys 1 & 2 you have one hell of combination to burn fat, lose weight or get shredded FAST!!

How To Lose Weight Fast
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3.) Hydrate

The most overlooked aspect when it comes to making changes fast is… WATER. Most people simply overlook the most essential fluid in our lives. Our bodies are made up of 70%+ water. So what makes you think hydrating with water will not help you?

Water Helps Mainly In:

  1. Transporting Nutrients ( Helps make sure your body gets what it needs)
  2. Helps regulate hunger
  3. Important In Muscle Function
  4. & Many More Ways!

So, what I recommend is that you consume minimum to 1/2 a gallon a day as you begin your journey. Ideally you want to bring that to ¾-1 Gallon a Day. This will ensure you are getting all of the important nutrients delivered and your body wont be “craving them”. Also water helps control hunger (Not For Long, But It Does Help).


What I like to do is drink 16-24oz about 20 minutes after eating a meal. This works best for me and ensures my food getting transported efficiently.

Gerardo Gabriel

So Are You Doing Everything To Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Or Get Shredded Fast?

Are you? Or do you keep procrastinating about it. Remember this is VERY EASY. All it takes is some knowledge and some discipline and you can look the way you have ALWAYS wanted to look.

I can’t break it down specifically for you because everyone is different. So I can only go in general details about this topic on here.

However, if you really want to see results fast – please take into consideration the keys that I mentioned above along with the tips.

Don’t forget I am here to help you as your coach should you ever need one or need guidance.

Gerardo Gabriel

How to lose weight fast
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