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Today I was wondering “what is my morning routine on how to have a successful morning”? Have you ever heard that waking up early has its advantages? I know I have.  I always wondered why so many successful people say & do this. Well you just read the magic word – “Successful”. Why do many successful people claim that waking up early has it’s advantages, but yet do we not do it?

I have heard through PODCASTS that the morning air has Magic to it. It helps inspire creativity, ideas, and productiveness. Being awake earlier than most people and getting a head start, really is a whole different type of energy.

After hearing all this I decided for myself that I MUST try this for myself. Not only to become more successful, but a morning routine to get shredded. I already know the feeling of fighting sleep when you are extremely tired. Being in the United States Marines waking up early was something standard. Sometimes we would go out to the field & have to be up at 3 A.M. ( P.S. This is just way to early). So with this past experience, I tightened my belt, lowered my head and charged forward with my new goal.

Time Is Key – Literally

Every second that ticks…tick…tick guess what? You wont get it back. Sorry to break the news to you. So since time is one of the MOST valuable resources in the world, this is the most important key in you having a successful morning.

Have you ever woke up early and got so much accomplished in the day, that when you check the time it’s still early and you’ve finished all your work? How productive does that feel? It has to be one of the best feelings ever. You sort of tell yourself “ Man today was such a productive day, I should do this more often”. Do you really stick with this commitment? I Know I have not.

So I decided to set my alarm clock for 5 A.M. & begin my journey. I knew it was not going to be easy. Why 5 A.M.? Well I had heard on several YouTube videos about waking up at 5 A.M. So I decided that would be a good time for me and my schedule. What time will work for you? I can’t tell you specifically because I don’t know your schedule. However the key is waking up early. So anytime before 7 is good.

Everyone has a different internal clock. Some people can get away with sleeping only 4 hours and be productive. However I myself have noted that I need 9 Hours in order to function normal. I need those extra hours because of the intense training that I do. When trying to achieve this I go to sleep around 9-10 P.M. in order to get sufficient sleep and be as efficient as possible the next day.

So next time you are organizing yourself remember this. TIME IS KEY. You want to know the best advice on how to have a successful morning ? Learn how to manage your time to wake up early and be well rested when you do wake up.

Blood Flow Creates Success Flow

One thing I can’t do is workout in the morning. It does not matter how much pre-workout I take, I just don’t enjoy my workouts early. For me usually anything after 10:30 A.M. I can handle. However if you read around and listen to some podcasts you’ll start coming across how many successful people do some type of physical activity in the morning.

The key here is “SOME TYPE“. I am not saying you have to go break your PR’s at 5 A.M. I am not saying you have to step foot in the gym. However get some blood flow in your body early and force your body to wake up. It does take discipline, but every successful person has discipline one way or another.

Doing an activity for 15-30 minutes in the morning will help clarify your mind & build up your mental fortitude to get you through the day. Having combined waking up early and working out, before 6 AM even strikes the clock, you will have already had a leg up on your old self ( still would have been sleeping).

This is why this is very important to me. I gave it a shot and MAN did it work! I was able to be a lot more focused & not so tired after I got some physical exercise in the morning.

How to have a successful morning
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Let’s remember one thing here. Your mind is the CPU of your body. It is in charge of everything. It’s been in charge of you reading this article & it’s in charge right now when you look at your right hand…. ( did I get you?)

So why would we neglect our minds. I started looking into strenghtening my mind since I already had been working on my physical body daily, but NEVER my mind. My mind is the very thing that takes me to the gym. So why would I not help it. The bigger question is WHY WOULD I NOT LEARN TO CONTROL IT.

One of the oldest methods to get in tune with yourself is meditation. This is the act of being in the moment. The act of controlling your thoughts. If you can control and use your mind to your advantage – then you can pretty much be succesful at anything…. right?

That’s the biggest obstacle that many people face is that they don’t know how to properly control their thoughts, their dreams, their desires. They let all those things run wild in their mind with no control what so ever.

WAKE UP EARLY & learn to control your mind. Take sometime for YOU. You deserve to give yourself 15 minutes. You know what the best thing about it is? In the morning – the night is so quiet you can really focus in getting in your zone. Plus most people will still be sleeping, so you will not be bothered by your friends texting you.

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Success Is Not given To You. It Is Earned.

I know today I covered quite a bit. If you stuck around – THANK YOU. I have been able to attribute much of my success to implementing those three actions into my routine.

  1. Manage Time & Wake Up Early.
  2. Get Some Bloodflow or Physical Excersice In The A.M.
  3. Meditate for about 10-15 minutes ( Ideally before working out & after waking up before you get your day started).

With those steps you will be on your way to more successful mornings. You will have more time, energy & focus to put towards your dreams and goals. Achieving your goals is success right?

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Do you have any other morning routines that you want to share? Comment below and we can discuss!

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