Before I begin discussing how you can get ripped, let’s discuss if getting ripped is easy, or if it difficult to achieve. If I asked you that question right now, what would you answer? Do you think that it is easy or difficult? By the looks of it, I think most people would assume that it is difficult just because it does not always look attainable. Getting ripped looks and sounds hard.

I guess the answer really depends on a few things. A big determinant of how difficult it can be is genetics. Let’s face it for some people it is easier to lose weight & burn fat than others. I don’t like to leave anything up to genetics.

I think what can separates it from being either Easy or Difficult is how knowledgable you are, who is teaching you, who is coaching you, and what you are doing to do it correctly. If you have a coach or trainer who does not know how to properly guide you, you will find yourself saying ” WTF… This is Hard, and it SUCKS!”. Vice versa, if your coach or trainer knows what they are doing you could say the exact opposite ” Wow, this is easier than i thought!”.

So make sure you have the right coach, or you yourself have the correct knowledge on how to correctly burn fat & get ripped and shredded.


How to get ripped fast
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Now I know today here we are discussing on how to get ripped and get that ultimate beach body fast but let’s be clear about one thing. Wether you are bulking, trying to gain muscle, losing weight, burning fat, or getting shredded – the number one element is always nutrition.

No matter the goal – nutrition reigns supreme. Personally after doing this for 10 years I learned that lesson later than I should have. I am here to help you avoid the same mistakes I made.

What are popular weight-loss/ nutrition diet methods that people do to get ripped?

For me, I have to say I have always preferred the Carb Cycling Method. It works best for me & sustaining my energy throughout the day. I have also found that for my clients it gives the best result. I must emphasize that it is important that you try different methods and see what works best for you. Remember we are all different.

Getting Ripped Is Something That Requires Ultimate Dedication & Consistency.


Getting ripped can be easier than you think. Like most problems you have to break it down & simplify it. Don’t over complicate the process. While our bodies are complex, they are easy to manipulate depending on your given goal.

I like to break it down into what’s I like to call my 3 STEP COMBO. I call it the N.C.T combo which stands for Nutrition. Cardio & Training.

Think of it like a boxing combination. If you throw a boxing combination, you do more damage. Why NCT and not TCN, or CNT? Because I wrote it in order from most important to least when you get ripped. Nutrition is first, then cardiovascular exercises, and finally training.


To get ripped and get that shredded beach body fast, you must do the N.C.T combo in sync. You should do it together, because together they work together like magic! Let’s discuss the combo in detail.

What Should Your Diet Look Like ?

To get ripped, your diet must work together with your cardio plan, and training schedule. Here are some great tips you can follow when you are creating your diet plan!

  1. Be on a calorie deficit if possible. Keyword “Calorie” – maintain your protein intake as usual. On day’s you might need more energy raise the calories.
  2. Only consume complex carbohydrates. Avoid Simple Carbohydrates.
  3. Be careful with soft drinks. Many drinks have empty calories & massive amounts of sugars.
  4. Learn how to properly carb cycle, so you can start to manipulate carbs. If not hire a coach. (Read my article here)
  5. Plan your meals a day before if possible.
  6. Stick it out for 2-3 weeks. After that I promise it gets easier and it will become a routine for you. You will also feel a lot better!
How Much Cardio Should You Do? It All Depends How Fast You Want To Reach Your Goal!


I actually want to write a full BLOG on this topic. Let’s go over it here in a quicker manner. What is Fasted Cardio? Fasted Cardio is when you do a cardiovascular activity before eating the morning. Water does not count as food, so DRINK water.

I was not the biggest fan of fasted cardio. I believed it really did not do much. That all changed when my coach MADE me do it. I instantly saw results. I forever became a believer of fasted cardio. Are you interested in doing Fasted Cardio? Here are some great tips you can follow as part of the N.C.T. combo to get ripped fast!

  • Start small, and not big. I usually would recommend for you to start with 10 minutes. Don’t overwhelm yourself and do 45 minutes the first day and hate your life. Give your body time to adjust.
  • Alternate machines weekly. One week treadmill & the next week elliptical. You can even throw in the stair master when you feel ready.
  • Outdoor cardio works great as well. Running, Jogging, Etc.
  • HIIT Training in the morning fasted is extremely effective & quick. Be ready to be challenged. I recommend HIIT fasted for more experienced people.
  • If you find yourself tired or lightheaded, try drinking some BCAA.
gerardo gabriel workout
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To get ripped fast we already talked about Nutrition, and Cardio. Now let’s go over training. When you are aiming to get ripped, and get your summer body fast you need to adjust your training style.

You want to increase your volume & also total working sets. If you have a coach/trainer they should know the difference in training styles. If you are doing it on your own – here is an example workout from the “Perfect Series”. This is a high volume chest workout.

When making your routine to get ripped, you want to keep several things in mind. Here are the things I make sure I do in my routine:

  • I raise the number of sets and reps. If I usually do 3 sets, I will raise it to 5 sets. If my rep range is usually 10-12 reps then I raise that to 15-18 reps. I am aiming to raise my output and burn more calories.
  • I lower my rest time. Usually I like 90 second rest in between when I am trying to build size. When I am trying to cut down that slashes down to 30-45 seconds. I end up flying through my workouts
  • Do some cardio after weight training to keep stacking on your calories burned for the day. Even if it is 10 minutes.
  • Use more dumbbells & machine equipment to minimize injury and focus more on the muscle pump.
  • Try adding more super sets in your routine. I like to do 2-3 supersets in a workout if I really am trying to push my limits.
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GNATION, we made it to the end of yet another article. Honestly I really enjoyed writing this one. It has resharpened some of my own tools by refreshing my memory with the advice I shared.

Remember it is all about the N.C.T Combo when you want to get ripped fast. If you only do one of the combinations, sure you will have results but they will either be short lived or will come at an extremely slow pace.

This is why I emphasized that you it can be easy, only as long as you are being either guided correctly or have studied enough to do it yourself.

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