Welcome, this is Gerardo Gabriel. I want to share with you a little about myself, and why I decided to establish the website GGFIT.

First & Foremost My Mission with this is simple… to help you! I am here to create and design the best online workout programs for you. 

My passion and love for the last 10 plus years has been in physical fitness realm. Most exclusively in Bodybuilding.  Now at this stage of my life, my goal with GGFIT, is to help you and others around the world reach their fitness goals.
My experience ranges from recreational lifting all the way to bodybuilding competitions. With this I know the best methods to achieve any goal that you have in mind.
The great part about my online workout programs is that not only will we achieve your goals, but we will do so in a way where you actually enjoy it. It will turn into a new lifestyle that you love. If you are here, then I know you are serious about your goals and I look forward to teaming up with you!


  1. 10+ Years Of Experience
  2. United States Marine Fitness Coach
  3. ISSA Certified Master Trainer & Nutritionist
  4. IFBB Professional Athlete
  5. One of the most successful Fitness Models in the Fitness Industry
  6. 200+ Clients Trained From All Walks Of Life
I attribute all of my accomplishments to one thing.  My passion for the fitness field & my drive to always want to improve my methods.
I am certain that with my unique experience and online training programs  we can surpass any of your goals. If you you are wanting me to break past your limits, push you, keep yourself accountable & be lead through the best path to success – then join my online training program and my team!